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Development through Radio exists in over 12 African countries. It is a simple yet complex concept that seeks to give women’s voices a platform to air their views through radio. In Sierra Leone, the Forum of Conscience has facilitated the establishment of over 30 women’s DTR groups that meet weekly to discuss and address their concerns, progress and aspirations to policy makers and the wider development community. The results of these discussions are broadcasted nationally on a weekly basis on both the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service and KISS FM chute de cheveux.

Responses to the issues raised are broadcasted back to the communities, forming a continuous dialogue and interaction with policy makers and development actors.

The result of placing communications tools in the hands of rural women is immense. The value of being heard on the airwaves can hardly be measured; it is empowering. Exercising this Right is crucial means to healing and transformation of their lives and communities. This road to healing and economic independence is what the DTR is about. The war is over, and although "all is not lost", the restructuring is far from complete.



DTR is a women's empowerment project that provides radio access to the women survivors of the decade-long Civil War in Sierra Leone. By broadcasting their concerns and aspirations on radio, they engage policy makers and the development community in the peace process and in shaping their own future. The DTR was introduced into Sierra Leone by the Federation of African Media Women (FAMW) in partnership with the Forum of Conscience. Both organizations set up the initial DTR groups in the Southern and Eastern part of Sierra Leone. In the last 1 year, the DTR groups have increased to 30 with members spread out in the North and the Western part.

The initial content has been sourced from a report by FAMW and FOC on the "Human Rights Abuses Perpetrated on Women and the Girl Child During the Civil in Sierra Leone".

This website is in memory of all the women, children, fathers and sons of Sierra Leone that lost their lives in the war. It is also dedicated to those that survived the displacement, the torture, and the dehumanization that civil war brings. It is committed to the continuous survival and healing from the nightmare of the memories that plague each and every one involved in the DTR project.

By funding this website, the Reuters Foundation has honored the life of Kurt Schork, a Reuters Journalist who was killed in an ambush while covering the Civil war in Sierra Leone.

Lucinda Kamara, 15 years old
Location: Potoru Community
It started at about 4:55am, in our hometown in Potoru village, about 150km from the district town of Pujehu. We were asleep when we heard heavy shelling of guns.
Hawa Kallon - Blama
It was a rainy Friday morning in 1997 when panic struck Blama village. Bandits armed with sticks, short guns and machetes stormed the village creating paranoia and restlessness for every body.
Isha Kaikai - Taiama
I went to fetch water in our village one Sunday evening, in 1995, when I saw a crowd of over 100 people. As they drew closer to the village, they murmured among themselves saying, ‘this is Taima, I see a young lady fetching water in the village stream, lets’ capture her; she can be useful to us”.